Terms of Use

  1. General (Please read completely and confirmed below)

    Alexander Wettel in the following named operator.

    This website offers information about older models of the car manufacturer Volvo and their tuning. Volvo-Tuner.de is a purely private project without any financial interest.

    We always strive to provide high quality information. Nevertheless, we assume no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information / content provided. Liability claims against us, which relate to material or immaterial nature, which were caused by the use or disuse of the information provided or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information are excluded, unless we have been proven deliberately or grossly negligent. All offers are non-binding. We expressly reserve the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice, or to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.

    The operator assumes no responsibility for the content of the contributions written by the users. Each user is responsible for ensuring that his contributions do not violate laws or third-party rights. This applies both to the directly visible part of the article and to the links contained in the article. All contents offered here (instructions, photos, videos) are subject to the copyright of the respective author.
  2. Transfer of rights of use

    a) The copyright for your topics and contributions, as far as these are copyrightable, remains basically with you as a user. However, you authorize the provider with setting a topic or post the right to keep the topic or post permanently on its web pages. In addition, the provider has the right to delete, edit, move or close your topics and posts.
    b) The aforementioned rights of use remain in case of termination of the forum account.
  3. Forbidden contributions

    a) The operator expressly prohibits the writing of racist, pornographic, inhuman and offending acts. Also explicitly prohibited is the distribution of so called pirated copies.

    b) The user is expressly prohibited to publish or distribute copyrighted content in the forum.
  4. Include images

    Bilderhoster delete uploaded images after some time, so many posts are worthless. Likewise, we have no influence on the privacy policy of the picture host, according to EU-DSGVO, but we would at least provide a link to their privacy agreements.

    For this reason, the inclusion of images of a host, whether commercial or private, is expressly prohibited.

    The operator reserves the right to integrate externally linked images either directly into the forum or to delete the thread.
  5. Monitor / Report Violations

    Since the operator can not permanently monitor the forum, it is possible that unwanted content will not be noticed immediately. If content of this kind is noticed, it can be reported to the administrator / moderator by e-mail or PM.
  6. Blocking / deleting threads

    The operator reserves the right to delete any topic or contribution without stating a reason, if he considers it appropriate and / or these topics

    - settled / resolved or obsolete,

    - violate the forum peace,

    - violated terms of use,

    - disturbing or hindering the maintenance of board operations.
  7. Blocking / deleting accounts / user accounts

    The operator reserves the right to temporarily or completely deprive individual participants of the right to write or permanently suspend accounts if there has been no improvement in the case of violations of the terms of use or gross violations of the General Forum Peace following a warning by moderation or administration. If there is a corresponding serious disruption, the administration reserves the right to take further action against the polluter.
    Unauthorized duplicate accounts will either be deleted or blocked at the discretion of the Administration.
    An automatic deletion is performed automatically after a period of inactivity of the user.
  8. Storage of the IP address

    The operator stores for each contribution the IP address of the author for a period of 7 days. In case of violation of the law this will be handed over to the law enforcement authorities upon request.
    So-called "obfuscated IP addresses" are expressly prohibited, and entail an immediate deletion / blocking of the account.
  9. Caveat emptor

    The operator does not guarantee the identity of the authors, the accuracy, the completeness or the usability of any information. The contributions represent the opinion of the respective author and do not have to coincide with the opinion of the operator. No liability is assumed for direct or indirect damage or consequential damage through the use of the articles / contents published here.
  10. Access data

    You may not share your password with others and you may not use the password of another participant the same way you received it in this forum.
  11. Non-type entries, spam

    It is forbidden to use this forum and the data accessible here for the purposes of non-thematic commercial advertising, spam, chain letters and the like.
  12. Storage and transfer of data

    The personal data stored during registration will not be passed on to third parties by the operator or used to create spam e-mail lists.
  13. Presentation in the forum

    The operator considers it a requirement of fairness that registered participants present themselves in the designated area, which is only visible to properly registered and unlocked users.
  14. Validity of the terms of use

    These Terms of Use are subject to change and adaptation at any time and come into effect upon publication. Changes to the terms of use will be announced in the forum. In the event of disagreement, further participation in forum operation is no longer permitted and the account will be provided for deletion
  15. Social networks

    The user declares his consent that, if necessary, contributions from the forum will be linked to social networks.
  16. Minimum age 16 years

    The minimum age for automatic registration is 16 years. If the age of 16 has not yet been completed, the registration process must be stopped immediately. It is imperative that we have before registration written parental consent. The address information can be found in the imprint.
  17. Availability of the online offer

    The permanent availability of the online offer is not guaranteed. Likewise, the operator reserves the right to discontinue the online offer at any time without justification.
  18. Cancellation of membership

    a) The notice period of membership is four (4) weeks on both sides. Within this period, the termination can be revoked at any time. This shall not affect the right to terminate the contract without notice for breach of applicable law or the terms and conditions of membership by the operator.
    b) Termination can be done by email, by notifications functions in the forum or by post.
  19. Severability clause

    If individual points of the Terms of Use are invalidated by law, they will be replaced by the closest possible version. The validity of other conditions is not affected.

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